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Dash Cam Discreet Setup Guide

Setting Up Your Dash Cam Discreetly

Setting Up Your Dash Cam Discreetly

A common concern for dash cams is the potential theft of these devices. It’s true, yes, that at the end of the day there isn’t really anything that can stop someone from bashing the window of a car in and stealing the contents inside.

However, most dash cams have very low profile designs and looking very discreet / camouflaged after being mounted into the vehicle. With their small size and mount location, in addition to the glare that’s reflected from the vehicle’s windshield, it’s actually difficult for someone to notice a dash cam in a vehicle. In fact, in over 7 years of business, we’ve only had 4 reported cases of break-ins from our customers, with the dash cam being stolen in two instances and the dash cam being left alone in the other instances.

Discreet Shape of Dash Cams

A discreet dash cam setup does begin with its form factor. Most of our dash cams measure only a few inches in width and length and have a small form factor as well. This allows the cameras to actually blend in very well with the rearview mirror, which is also why one of the most discreet designs is in a cylindrical shape.

The adhesive mount design for most dash cams that we carry further adds to its discreetness since it allows the dash cam to mount directly against the windshield without anything sticking out noticeably.

Mounting Your Dash Cam

The typical mount position for the dash cam is in front of the rearview mirror or near this area. This allows the dash cam to blend in quite nicely with the rearview mirror.

Don’t worry about any sensors in the vehicle, as the dash cam won’t be in the way of these sensors. For dash cams that have a smartphone app/Wifi integration, you can live-view the dash cam to see what position you prefer the dash cam to be in. We also recommend angling the lens so that footage shows 60% road and 40% sky.

Hide the wire along the headliner

Hide the wire between A pillar to B pillar

Hide the wire between rubber to A pillar

Hiding Your Dash Cam Wires

The wires can be run up the windshield and through the headlining. A plastic trim tool would make it easy to tuck cabling without damaging the vehicle. Run the wire along the headlining until it’s at the A-pillar. At the top of the A-pillar, there’s generally a slit where the cables can be tucked into. Be careful as some vehicle has clips at the top edge which does not allow for the cable to run in this channel so be sure to look into this before applying pressure.

Running the cable down the side of the vehicle and down to the fusebox is done best with the wire going through the weather stripping on the door frame. This rubber material can be pulled from the vehicle with ease and is flexible enough to hold the cables inside without compromising the seal.

In general, dash cam wires are relatively thin. They just have to go between headlining, weather strips or panels. It’s finding the right placement of these wires that's important. Other than to look nice, a clean install will be much more discreet so thieves will have a harder time to see any other reason to break into a vehicle.

Find Your Next Dash Cam

A dash cam in your vehicle will help you in whatever situation you're in. So what are you waiting for? Explore our collection of dash cams today. If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions, then don't hesitate to reach out to our product experts today!

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