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Dash Cam Installation Guide

The Ultimate Guide You Need to Install a Dash Cam

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Dash Cam Installation Guide

Regardless of vehicle or product type, it’s important that your dash cam installation is set up correctly or you may miss out on important video footage when an accident occurs. Dash cam installation may look more difficult than it actually is, but by following our instructions below, we will make sure your dash cam installation goes smoothly.

Whether you're using a BlackVue, Thinkware or IROAD dash cam, the installation process will be very similar. Where there are any potential differences, we will have built product-specific installation guides that are dedicated to the product that you are interested in purchasing. If you have any questions beyond that, please don't hesitate to contact our in-house product experts. There are several different methods for installing your dash cam, ranging from easy to intermediate. We will take you through each method below.At BlackboxMyCar we strive to provide customers with the best dash cam support possible, and this starts with accessible customer service. Contact us today if you have any questions.

Method #1:
Installation with a CLA

Though you may not smoke, the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle is more useful than you think. Just by connecting your cigarette lighter adapter power cable to your dash cam and into your vehicle, you can have your silent witness running in under 5 minutes. We even have a dash cam mounting guide to show you the best position to place your dash cam.

While this is the simplest and easiest way to plug-and-play the power cable for your dash cam installation, you may miss out on important dash cam protection features such as parking mode, but will still have access to other features such as your smartphone app integration, wi-fi, GPS and full HD recording. Read our plug-and-play installation guide to learn more.

Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA)

Method #2:
Hardwire Installation to the Fusebox

Hardwiring your dash cam to the vehicle’s fusebox is one of the most common installation methods to power on your dash cam when the vehicle is off, thus offering parking-mode recording for dash cam video (for dash cams that do have parking-mode recording feature).

Hardwiring kits are available for our dash cams and has become widely popular over the years for drivers who want 2-channel front and rear camera protection for their vehicles 24/7. Front windshield and rearview mirror protection included. Your fuse box provides power to your front and rear camera and allow your dash cam to take important video footage to your memory card when your vehicle is not on. By using a hardwire kit, you'll also gain access to important features such as parking mode, wi-fi, GPS, full HD recording and more, right from the convenience of your smartphone integration.

Popular brand-specific hardwire kit options include the BlackVue Power Magic Pro and the VIOFO 3-Wire Hardwire Kit.

Hardwiring Kit

Method #3:
Installation with an OBD Cable

The introduction of the OBD cable is great news for customers who are looking for a simpler alternative to the traditional hardwire method. An OBD cable only needs to connect to the vehicle’s OBD port, a small outlet typically located under your steering wheel. Once this is done, your dash cam will be able to receive a parking mode recording for your dash cam video (dependent on the dash cam in use) just as if you were to hardwire to the fusebox. Similar to using a traditional hardwire kit, you'll also gain access to important features such as parking mode, wi-fi, GPS, and more. Rear camera installation will be exactly the same as well.

Not only is OBD found in all vehicles manufactured from the late ‘90s, but OBD is also a universal plug-and-play fit and is much easier to access compared to your vehicle’s fusebox.

Popular brand-specific installation options include the IROAD OBD Cable.

OBD Cable

Method #4:
Installation with a Battery Pack

A dash cam battery pack is a highly recommended power supply for those who value parking-mode recording and want the greatest protection for their vehicles. These battery packs do many things, such as: providing greater recording duration onto the memory card, giving you access to the wi-fi and GPS through its smartphone integration for dash cam video 24/7, eliminating wear-and-tear on the vehicle’s battery and allowing a simple connection to just the vehicle’s 12V cigarette socket with a cigarette lighter adapter (CLA) and still achieving full HD parking-mode recording.

We always recommend installing your dash camera with a battery pack as it offers the best form of protection for your vehicle and its battery. Read our guide to learn more. Our most popular battery packs are the Cellink NEO Battery Pack and the BlackVue B-124 Ultra Battery.

Dash Cam Battery Pack

Installation Basics

Here are some additional guides to help you take your dash cam setup to the next level. We'll show you how to mount your dash cam discreetly across your windshield, where you'll minimize your risk of break-ins, and maximize the protection of your vehicle. Don't hesitate to contact our product experts if you have any questions.

Mounting and Removal Guide

A good dash cam installation starts with placing your unit in an optimal location to capture high-quality dash cam video and car audio. We'll show you how and where to install it for optimal video recording quality and protection.

Discreet Setup Guide

A common concern for dash cams is the potential theft of the unit. By setting up your dash cam discreetly, you'll be able to avoid the risk of thieves breaking into your vehicle and stealing your dash camera.

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