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Mona has worked a miracle on my face. When I first visited Mona, my acne was out of control. I had tried everything with little or no results. It was not until Mona had given me her guidance that my complexion began to clear up. My wife and family have said that my face is 100% better. After months of dermatherapy and commitment, I see a transformation of my face and self confidence. Thank you, Mona, for making it possible. I will be forever loyal to you.

~ S. Tran, Patient

My acne was so bad and painful.  I used pills and different acne treatments and nothing helped.  I felt ugly and embarrassed whenever someone looked at my face.  I thought nothing would ever work, then I found Mona's Dermatherapy.  Mona helped my skin get healthy and clear again through acne peels.  My skin feels and looks so much better. My confidence is back now and I don't feel afraid to show my face.  If you are like me and have acne, don't waste your time on treatments that don't work.  Going to Mona's Dermatherapy was one of the best things I've done for myself.  I wish I had found her sooner!

~ Michele, Denver, CO


I have been the fortunate recipient of facials from Mona at Mona’s Dermatherapy since 2007.  Many people consider facials an indulgence, but I consider them a necessity for my well-being, healthy skin and attitude. All of Mona’s specially designed facials are geared towards a relaxing and uplifting experience for the client.  I have enjoyed and benefited from them all!  One always receives a private consultation with Mona in which she assesses your skin and its needs and prescribes a specific facial tailored to the individual. I truly don’t think my skin has ever looked this good.  The compliments I receive from others verify it! Along with regular facials by Mona I have been a loyal consumer of Image Skincare products.  They help me maintain the improved appearance and natural glow to my skin after the facials. I hope I can and intend to continue my routine of regular facials at Mona’s forever!

~ Minnie B. , 11/ 2011

I have been a customer of Mona’s Dermatherapy for about four years.  I can’t begin to say how happy I am with the facial treatments, level of service and professionalism I have received from Mona.  I schedule regular micropeels and my skin has never looked better.  In fact, I have a picture of myself from ten years ago and I have less lines on my face now than I did then.  I also use some of the Image products for evening out my skin tone (skin bleaching serum) and the Image “Ageless the Max” to reduce fine lines and other signs of aging. 

Just recently I decided to try the combination Juvederm and Botox package administered by Dr. Nadine Nakasono.  I am amazed at how smooth my skin is now.  Dr. Nakasono explained how the Juvederm and Botox would work for my face, she went over how the procedure would feel, any side effects I may experience, and told me how much the procedure would cost – all up front so I could make an informed decision.  She is an extremely professional and knowledgeable doctor.

I am thrilled that I have found the best place for my skin care at Mona’s Dermatherapy and I look forward to being a customer of Mona’s and Dr. Nakasono for a long time.

~ Pam K.

My daughter and I have been going for facials with Mona since the opening of her salon - When possible, we go twice a month with Mona and book manicures and pedicures while she attends to the other one of us. Mona is punctual and is very dedicated to her clients and business - I always leave feeling refreshed and glad to know that I am doing something good for myself."

~ Adrianna A.

CryoStem™ Cell Therapy

It’s been a few weeks since I had one of your WONDERFUL, AMAZING, FANTASTIC stem cell facials, but I am still reaping the benefits.  While I have always loved facials and all the pampering associated with them, the effects have never lasted more than a few days.  The DNA Organic Stem Cell Facial, however, is different.  It has been a few weeks and my skin is still glowing, firmer, and lines less noticeable than they were before my two facials.  I do want to do a series of six, which is the most beneficial by far; this is the year that will happen!  This skin care line is by far the best I have EVER tried and your facial is THE BEST EVER.  It is relaxing, luxurious, almost decadent…and worth every penny and more, because the benefits last for weeks.  Done regularly, skin will glow, wrinkles diminish, and skin tighten, all without surgery.  I love the products and I love YOUR FACIALS!!!

Please note:  I am not associated with Mona’s Dermatherapy in any way except as a completely satisfied (ecstatic!) customer.

~ Susan Breton, 2/2012

The Cryo Stem Cell treatment is the best facial treatment I have found in Denver.  The technology of the treatment is top notch, and Mona is clearly very educated on skin care so I feel I am in great hands with her.  The concept of rebuilding collagen makes complete sense to me as a necessary part of my efforts to in keeping my skin looking healthy.  That combined with the microderm and chemical peel to rid of dead skin cells so new can rebuild delivers a facial experience that leaves me feeling as if years have been taken off.  

~ Amy S.

Permanent Makeup

One of the very best things I have ever done for myself was to have permanent make-up done on my eyebrows!  Mona was meticulous about making the best color match and to insure that the finished product was natural in appearance. My whole facial appearance has been enhanced by having this procedure done."

~ Patty, Arvada, CO

Laser Treatments

I was fortunate enough to be treated to the Palomar Trilux Process in 2009.  If you want to improve the tone and texture of your skin and get rid of those pesky lines and wrinkles a customized TriLux  Photofacial is for you!  Tiffany performed the series of procedures on my face at Mona’s Dermatherapy and I could not be happier.  She was gracious enough to inform me of what to expect before, during and after the series of treatments.  I went into each procedure with full confidence in her ability to produce some noteworthy results.  I was not disappointed!

I, unfortunately, had  multiple sunspots(age spots) and broken blood vessels on my face. The results of the Pulsed Light Photorejuvenation were evident within a two week period.  I couldn't’t believe the difference! When several of the really evident sunspots were stubborn to the treatments, Tiffany gave me a couple additional treatments on them….finally, success was reached!

The Fractional Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing produced new, healthy tissue on my face within the 3 treatments. My skin looked so smooth and glowing after these treatments.

The third part of the The TriLux Photofacial is skin tightening through infrared light.  My skin looked both smooth and tight after these treatments. Tiffany even treated my neck…no more turkey neck!

I am absolutely thrilled with the results of the TriLux Photofacial. My skin has never looked this good….it erased many years of neglect, wear ‘n tear and simply the aging process.  I intend to repeat the procedures if and when I feel the need. Looking your best makes you feel your best! Thanks, Tiffany!

~ Minnie B., 11/2011